Frequently Asked Questions

I am an innocent prisoner. Can IIPPI help?
Prisoners who want their criminal cases to be illustrated by IIPPI must submit a complete application. The IIPPI questionnaire is available on the website at The medium IIPPI is described on the "About Us" page at

Who is IIPPI that it can decide upon guilt or innocence?
Let's say it this way: Who are the jurors and judges who have to decide upon guilt or innocence? IIPPI usually knows more about the cases featured on this site than the jurors knew during trial, and IIPPI doubts the guilt of the prisoners. IIPPI provides documented facts so that the readers can judge for themselves.

Does IIPPI provide legal representation?

Does your Project have any type of defense funds?

What does IIPPI?
IIPPI supports errors of justice awareness and illustrates criminal cases in a detailed manner so that experts, journalists, activists, etc. can go from there. More info at

Where do I have to mail the application to?
The complete application has to be sent to IIPPI in Germany. The contact info is mentioned on each page of the IIPPI questionnaire. It is also available at

Why does it read "possibly" innocent on the cases' webpages?
Technically, every prisoner is guilty. When a judge or a jury says someone is guilty, the record says that person is guilty - even if he or she did not do it. If IIPPI did not doubt an inmate's guilt, the "possibly innocent" prisoner would not be on the IIPPI website.

Why does IIPPI not publicize cases that are based on legal technicalities only?
The laws change, but actual innocence remains the same.

I submitted my application long ago, but have not heard from IIPPI. Why?
Prisoners are notified when their complete application was received by IIPPI in Germany. If a prisoner is not notified, at least one of two things went wrong.
1. The mail got lost on its way to the destiny.
2. The application was not complete.

I was notified that IIPPI had received my complete application many months ago. Why has IIPPI not answered my follow-up letters?
Katja Pumm is the only person who reviews each of the many submitted cases. It takes time. She does not take time to reply to follow-up letters, because it would waste the time needed for review. Please, do not write or call to ask about the status of your case unless your address changes! Katja Pumm will write to you as soon as possible after she has finished her review of your case.

Why cannot I register on the IIPPI forum?
Due to hundreds of fake registrations daily, IIPPI decided to disable registration to prevent more spammers from signing up. Please, contact IIPPI by email for assistance, if you would like to register and post something on the forum!

Is IIPPI a pen pal service?
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