IIPPI is copied often, but has been financed by only one single person for years. A few bucks or a link back to IIPPI would be nice.

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First of all, thanks for downloading this page and considering donating. Giving instead of taking is not the "norm." It is rather much more common just to take. Nonetheless, you are here. Thank you!

The Innocent in Prison Project International (IIPPI) exposes large amounts of documents to the general public for free. Literally, "free" is essential in order to support miscarriages of justice awareness. However, the service is not free to produce, i.e. it is not costless.

Because IIPPI is primarily created and hosted by one single person, refunding donations are needed and very appreciated. Your donation by PayPal.com is not tax deductable, but vital to maintain this service. Your generosity makes it possible for IIPPI to awaken public interest in one of the most critical issues. (Click the donate-button on the left, please!)

Due to the lack of funds, the precious time of (mostly sporadic) volunteers cannot be paid. At the same time, their immense efforts make IIPPI priceless. For a better understanding, or to learn more about IIPPI's fixed costs as of January 2007, see the balance sheet and find out who has contributed how much to help compensate the expenses.

Tip: It is possible to help spread the word by purchasing IIPPI-branded gifts at cost price in the IIPPI Merchandise stores located in Germany and the USA.

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